The Best 4 Port Gigabit Switch For 2023

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NETGEAR 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Network Switch GS305E
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1. Best Overall: NETGEAR 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Network Switch GS305E

"NETGEAR 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Network Switch GS305E is the perfect choice for your home or business. With heavy-duty features and a rugged, fanless design, this switch is built to handle even the toughest environments. The switch supports 100 Mbps per port with auto-sensing technology that detects each port's speed and automatically adjusts it to deliver maximum power savings." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Aumox 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch SG305P

"This unmanaged gigabit switch provides instant large-scale data transferring, allowing you to transmit and power network data and power at the same time. It also offers a Gigabit Ethernet connection for ultra-fast wired connectivity." Read Review

3. Best Reliable: TP-Link TL-SG1005P 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch

"TP-Link 5 port Gigabit PoE Switch TL-SG1005P is a high power, high speed, intelligent switch that’s easy to set up with no software installation or configuration needed. The advanced software features include QoS and IGMP Snooping, and the web management interface lets you monitor the health of your network connection and configure settings even when you are away from the office." Read Review

4. Best Adjustable: NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch GS305P v2

"NETGEAR GS305P Switch is a simple plug-and-play switch that eliminates software configuration and installation with no need to reboot, so you can get your network up and running quickly. This unmanaged, five-port gigabit ETH switch is powered by PoE technology which means you can easily power the GS305P with a standard wall outlet or use it in a desktop configuration." Read Review

5. Best Performance: YuanLey 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch

"The YuanLey 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch is a convenient, compact, and powerful solution for installing a Gigabit network in any environment. This switch provides high-speed data transfer and complete power supply through its power supply module, so it is suitable for Poe power supply. It provides excellent network performance and can be easily installed by automatic detection." Read Review

When working in an environment with multiple devices connected to a network, you need to make sure that all of them are able to get the best performance possible. A good way of doing this is by using a switch. A switch is a more advanced version of an outlet that allows you to connect multiple devices to one network cable rather than having to use individual cables for each device.

This can be especially useful if you have several computers or other devices that are always on the same network and should only access specific services or resources from other devices on the same network. The best 4 port gigabit ethernet switches allow you to do this without any problems, and at the best price possible as well. These are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for a new switch for your home or office.

Our experts have determined the models that would be the greatest fit for your requirements, specifically a NETGEAR 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Network Switch GS305E, after doing extensive study and analysis over a considerable time. Consider Aumox 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch SG305P as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are definitely worth considering, and we've put up a useful shopping guide to help you decide!

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Aumox 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch SG305P
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TP-Link TL-SG1005P 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch
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YuanLey 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch
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What to Look For in a best 4 port gigabit switch?

You may have some trouble making a purchase if you don't research it thoroughly. You are expected to invest time and focus on best 4 port gigabit switch before investing in them. Usually, it will take you a long time to research a favorite product. But rest assured, we are here to assist you with your best 4 port gigabit switch issue, no matter what time of day or night.

Although choosing a product is complicated, it will be more accessible and more available to everyone with today's information technology network. You are now given available sources of information such as famous websites, sale forums, or even customer's feedback. It can be said that information from these sources about best 4 port gigabit switch will be beneficial to you.

So now you are expected to focus on needed criteria about best 4 port gigabit switch. All of them will come with your investment. 

Gigabit Ethernet

Make sure you have a gigabit Ethernet router. Gigabit Ethernet is backward-compatible with other Ethernet standards and supports data speeds up to 1000 Mbps.
Fast Ethernet, which is one generation older that gigabit Ethernet, can reach speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. Although that is plenty of bandwidth to connect most people, gigabit Ethernet was available twenty years ago. This is the standard. The cost difference between gigabit Ethernet and fast Ethernet is often negligible. Go gigabit.

Quality Of The Product

It is important to consider the quality of gigabit Ethernet switches' construction. This is especially important if the switch can be used both for gaming and for professional use. It will last longer if it is made of high-quality materials. High-quality plastic is best if you are looking for something lightweight.

Power Over Ethernet

Some devices may choose to get power over their Ethernet connection rather than using a separate power cable. Look for switches that offer power over Ethernet (PoE) if you own devices that can support this standard. Hardwired security cameras as well as VoIP phones systems are two examples of devices that support PoE.

Mount Style

There are many ways to mount switches. Nearly all of them work well on standard desktops. To keep your switches neat and tidy, mount them to the wall using the appropriate hanging mounts. It is important to know the difference between a metal switch that can withstand heavy use and one that doesn't.

Switch Speed

You will want the fastest possible switch you can buy. Fortunately, gigabit is usually the most affordable option and the best value. Although slower 100Mbps switches are also possible, they should be avoided from networks with high traffic or streaming video.


A warranty covers many switches. However, the warranty regulations and standards can be confusing and misleading. You should ensure that you are fully informed about your warranty before you purchase gigabit Ethernet switches. For further clarification, you can always contact your vendor.

Switches Vs. Hubs

Ethernet hubs and Ethernet switches look the same, so they serve the same purpose in your home network. You want a switch and not a hub.
A hub Ethernet isn't smarter than an Ethernet switch. The hub does not know the exact location of each piece of data, and it therefore sends all information from your network to any connected device. It creates many problems and causes poor network performance.
Hubs were once popular and alternatives to Ethernet switch. Switches are so that buying a hub is no longer a good idea.

Number Of Ports

The number of ports included in an Ethernet switch is an important aspect to consider when choosing one. A switch should have enough ports for the devices that you plan to add to your network. A standard switch for a house may have five to eight additional ports. A port may hold 12 if you are willing to spend a bit more.

Flexibility In Design

Take a look at the options available to you on your switch. It should be versatile enough to fit on your desk, or on the wall. This is a key aspect of ensuring safety, efficiency and pleasant user experiences.

Efficiency In Energy

You'll use the switch for long periods of time if you are a gamer, or if you purchase it to be used professionally. Therefore, ensure that the switch you choose is efficient in terms of energy consumption to minimize your electricity costs.

In general, our information is accurate because we are product consultants with a wealth of experience. In addition, we constantly update the best 4 port gigabit switch information. Since the data is current and accurate, you can rest assured.

Any problems with best 4 port gigabit switch should be reported to us so we can improve your experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us! We are all available to give you help. 


What is a 4-Port Gigabit Switch?

A1: A 4-Port Gigabit Switch is a device that allows for the connection of up to four different devices to a network. It can also provide network speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, which is much faster than regular speeds.

What are the benefits of using a 4-Port Gigabit Switch?

A2: Using a 4-Port Gigabit Switch can provide faster speeds and more efficient network connections than using regular Ethernet connections. It can also help to reduce latency and provide better security for your network.

How do I install a 4-Port Gigabit Switch?

A3: Installing a 4-Port Gigabit Switch is relatively simple. Generally, you will need to plug the switch into a wall outlet and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the switch to your router or modem. You can then connect up to four different devices to the switch using Ethernet cables.

What types of devices can I connect to a 4-Port Gigabit Switch?

A4: You can connect any type of device that uses an Ethernet connection, such as computers, printers, gaming consoles, and more.

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