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PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote
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1. Best Overall: PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote

"The PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote is the perfect solution for gamers and people who love to watch movies and shows on their TV. This remote is easy to set up, effortless to use, and hassle-free. With Bluetooth technology, this remote will automatically detect your digital devices so you don’t have to manually hunt for them in the device list. The compact design ensures that it fits nicely on your side or coffee table while you enjoy your favorite content." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: NVIDIA SHIELD Remote

"The NVIDIA SHIELD Remote is a portable gaming controller with a built-in touchpad, mic, and speaker that lets you play on any TV or projector. The SHIELD Remote instantly lights up, looks up stock prices, or checks your commute time. With the new AI upscaling technology, you now have access to even more games on your TV than ever before." Read Review

3. Best Design: SofaBaton Universal Remote

"SofaBaton Universal Remote Control is a universal remote control to control all your home appliances with your smartphone. With the help of the SofaBaton Universal Remote Control APP, you can easily configure your remote and enjoy the convenience of controlling your TV with just one click." Read Review

4. Best Smart: Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

"Logitech Harmony One is the all-in-one, easy-to-create universal remote that makes your home entertainment system smarter and easier to use. With Logitech Harmony One’s activity-based controls, you can program one remote to control everything in your home while keeping your effortless touch screen as the main user interface. Logitech Harmony One will automatically learn which devices you want it to work with and make it easy for you to set up." Read Review

5. Best Style: SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

"SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote is a remote control that supports multiple devices and provides easy control of your TV, Blu-ray player, and other connected home appliances. It offers you a lot of functions with one button, such as the ability to enter complex code to pair two devices, OLED display and motion-activated function, at the same time easily switching them just with a simple scroll." Read Review

Many of you have probably already figured out that owning a great media center is expensive. There are monthly fees for services such as Netflix and Hulu, subscriptions to streaming services like Plex or Kodi, hardware to play videos, and more. You can try using an online service like Plex or Kodi but they do not offer any sort of remote control so you cannot use your favorite apps from the comfort of your couch.

That’s where the best media center remote comes in. These remotes give you access to all the content services you are interested in and let you control your device from anywhere in the room. It’s one of those things that will make owning a media center so much easier.

Our experts have determined the models that would be the greatest fit for your requirements, specifically a PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote, after doing extensive study and analysis over a considerable time. Consider NVIDIA SHIELD Remote as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are definitely worth considering, and we've put up a useful shopping guide to help you decide!

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PDP Universal Gaming Media Remote
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Best Bang For The Buck
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SofaBaton Universal Remote
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Our buying guide to pick best media center remote for you need

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices when it comes to purchasing best media center remote? Visitors didn't even know if a better option was available. We have a few suggestions which will make things easier and thus save you time and effort.

Review them out below to see whether the item you're looking for is right for you!


Some universal remotes may not have all the buttons a device needs. One way to get around this is by having a screen that allows users access additional options, or allowing them to be accessed via an app. These options are not available on basic universal remotes, which can render them ineffective for certain buyers.

Ease Of Use

You don't want to be the type of person that can see all the buttons on universal remotes and panic attacks. Think back to high school math class when you used a scientific calculator. To make your interactions with universal remotes easier, some have touch screens and programmable buttons.


The buttons on the remote control will automatically turn on the backlight when they are in contact with it. If you want to watch TV or movies at night, this is a great feature. The backlighting will turn off automatically if you don't use the remote.


The most popular method for connecting a remote controller to a device is infrared (IR). Although IR can be inexpensive, infrared signals must still be seen from the device. The line-of sight issue with IR remotes is overcome by radiofrequency (RF). This allows for a direct connection between the remote, and a device within a cabinet. The remote will likely need a repeater or another device that can convert the RF signal to IR as not all devices are capable of receiving it. A universal remote can be used to link with other devices via WiFi networks. A remote control that connects over WiFi is a must if you own a home theatre or media center.

Voice Control Options

Some universal remotes can be programmed to accept voice commands. This allows you to speak directly with the remote. This feature requires that your cable or smart TV support it. The remote should have a button to push-to talk that activates the TV's voice recognition.
To get Siri's attention, voice commands can be made by either Alexa or Siri if the remote is compatible with Google Assistant or Siri.


The distance that the universal remote must be placed from the TV or other connected devices in order to function. This distance is usually measured in feet. You should consider the size of your home theatre or TV room before you purchase a remote.


It's important to ensure that any new technology you purchase will work well with your existing gadgets. While some remotes have built-in control for Netflix or other services, some only offer a basic layout and others won't work. Before you buy a remote, make sure it is compatible with your device.

Additional Features

The universal remote may support specific functions or features depending on the components that you connect to your TV. Consider which devices you will use the universal remote with before purchasing. You can then determine whether specific features or functions of the component are possible to be controlled with a universal remote.
You should make sure that the universal remote you choose supports streaming devices such as Roku or Apple TV. Also, you should consider how the remote will be set up initially. Some remotes have an easier and more automated setup process than others.

Smart Home Support

Some universal remotes now support virtual assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, in addition to standard automation. Look for smart home remotes that support voice commands to launch your PlayStation or tune in to ESPN.

Number Of Supported Devices

A universal remote is what you will use to control your television, soundbar, and cable box. A universal remote can be used to control additional devices, such as DVRs, DVD players, gaming consoles, but it is not necessary. Many remotes can also be used to control streaming services or streaming devices connected to your TV.
It is important to choose a universal remote which supports every compatible component you currently have attached to your TV or that you might be adding. You'll end up using multiple remotes. It defeats the purpose of a universal remote. A universal remote capable of supporting at least six devices is sufficient to serve your needs.


What type of batteries does my media center remote use?

The type of battery your media center remote uses will depend on the specific model. Refer to the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

How do I program my media center remotely?

Programming your media center remote requires you to first locate the code for your device. You can find the code by consulting your device’s user manual or by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Once you have located the code, you can program your remote by pressing and holding the Setup button until the small LED light turns on. Enter the code by pressing the numbers on the remote and then press the Enter button to confirm.

How do I connect my media center remote to my computer?

To connect your media center remote to your computer, you will need to install the appropriate software and drivers. Check your device’s user manual for instructions on how to install the necessary software and drivers. Once you have installed the necessary software and drivers, you should be able to connect your remote to your computer using a USB cable.

How do I troubleshoot my media center remote?

If you are having trouble with your media center remote, the first step is to check the batteries. Replace the batteries if they are low or dead. If the problem persists, try resetting the remote by pressing and holding the Setup button for five seconds. If you are still having trouble, contact the manufacturer for further troubleshooting.


The website has a buying guide for best media center remote for your needs. It will assist you in determining what to purchase and how much was to purchase! If the above options do not meet your needs, consider Keyspan ER-V2 RF Remote Control as an alternative.

Whether any of this makes it sound daunting or if you want more information, please give us a call, our members of the team are always happy to chat and brainstorm ideas with you!

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