Companies to Focus on Automation of Industrial Maneuvers with Novel Motion Controls

  • 11 Dec 2021 11:55
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Companies to Focus on Automation of Industrial Maneuvers with Novel Motion Controls

In the world of hard technological processes, motion control simply helps to control movement. It is a subset of automation that empowers organized movement in a machine or pieces of machinery. Nevertheless, it brings appreciably more including accuracy and effectiveness in delivering the desired accomplishment. Furthermore, it poses the ability to move whole machines or parts of the machine in an accurate, rotatory, or direct manner. This makes it profitable for a variety of applications. These factors attract, a lot of industries to apply motion control in their maneuvers.

Industries are investing in the adoption of advanced and automated processes. On the other hand, the motion control system eases the use and integration of factory components. These factors drive the demand for motion control systems, regardless of high replacement and maintenance costs. The trend of automation and the advent of industrial revolution 4.0 has created a number of opportunities for the market players. In addition, the market players are adopting several growth strategies including new product launches, product developments, and business acquisitions. Let’s get to some of the recent activities going in the market-

New product launches and product developments to hit the market field. Kessler Crane, the US-based company specialized in camera movement and equipping solutions, has recently launched a new motion control system, the Kessler Second Shooter Pro. Basically, the pro mode is an updated version of the Kessler Second Shooter launched by the company in 2014. Furthermore, the pro version has features including Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with new second shooter app, and all second shooter equipment. Moreover, the company promises a worth of investments with the newly updated product.

Likewise, another manufacturer of motion control products, technologies, and services for material handling Columbus McKinnon Corporation, has recently unveiled the Magnetek® brand Intelli-Lift™ System for industrial use. The Intelli-Lift System helps to avoid weight swing due to load misalignment of tools. In addition, it also detects ripped conditions that can happen during the operation. Furthermore, the Intelli-Lift offers two configurations including detection and prevention with different levels of control based on the needs of the applications. Moreover, the new product ensures accurate load control, offers rapid installation, and decreases stress on equipment, offering a precise solution for machinery.

In recent years, industries have started valuing and implementing automation. This has widely enhanced the demand for the motion control system. According to a report published, the global motion control system market is anticipated to garner significant growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, factors such as the increase in adoption of advanced automated processes and growing demand for industrial robots in manufacturing industries to ease the use of machinery and components have augmented the market growth. Moreover, with an increase in advancements, adoption of new growth strategies, and new product launches the market is anticipated to grow worthwhile, in the near future.

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