What is SublimeCodeIntel?

A full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine for Sublime Text.

Code intelligence was ported from Open Komodo Editor to Sublime Text and supports all the languages Komodo Editor supports for Code Intelligence (CIX, CodeIntel2):

JavaScript, ES6, Mason, XBL, XUL, RHTML, SCSS, Python, HTML, Ruby, Python, XML, XSLT, Django, HTML5, Perl, CSS, Twig, Less, Smarty, Node.js, Tcl, TemplateToolkit, PHP.


  • Jump to Symbol Definition - Jump to the file and line of the definition of a symbol.
  • Imports autocomplete - Shows autocomplete with the available modules/symbols in real time.
  • Function Call tooltips - Displays information in the status bar about the working function.
  • Multiplatform - Plugin should work in all three platforms (MacOS X, Windows and Linux).

How will my donation be used?

Development of SublimeCodeIntel is done as an open-source project and maintaining it is hard and time consuming, if you like SublimeCodeIntel, please donate whatever you feel comfortable with via PayPal. The donations will be directly used to support SublimeCodeIntel’s developers.

How do I donate?

We accept donations via PayPal:

Donate to Kronuz via PayPal

If you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please file an issue and we’ll see about including it in this guide.