How Industrial Cobot Could Help to Boost Your Productivity?

  • 03 Jan 2022 11:10
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How Industrial Cobot Could Help to Boost Your Productivity?

The emergence of collaborative robots or cobots has become a buzzword in robotics. According to the latest report published, the industrial cobot market is expected to reach $12.48 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 44.8% from 2019 to 2026. The ever increasing demand for automation, the dearth of skilled workers, dire need to improve worker safety have boosted the growth of the industry.

Although the concept and advent of automation is nothing new in the industry, the design of robots has made them restricted to mimicking repetitive tasks performed by humans. Sadly, heavy lifting, which was expected from industrial robots remains in its initial stage. That’s why, the major market players are working on how to make industrial robots more collaborative.

Cobots for enhanced efficiency:

Similar to every new invention in the world, industrial cobots had to suffer significant skepticism in its initial period. In addition, many questioned the very possibility of the integration of industrial robots in an actual working environment.

Apart from this, automation is already evident in warehouses and on the shop floor. With the increase in technological advancements in human-robot collaboration, cobots are bound to bring high productivity and greater efficiency. And the dexterity offered by cobot makes it more desirable.

Although the speed of cobots is somewhat lower compared to industrial robots, the real value of cobots is in how they can augment human abilities and offer benefits both on and off the balance sheet. Given the technology available to us, 100% automated machines would not offer greater operability, which could easily be offered by a combination of automation and operators such as cobots.

On the other hand, cobots are affordable and can be integrated into the workplace with less hassle. Additionally, deployment of cobots is faster and simpler than industrial robots, which demands less time for integration and training of industrial personal. All these factors contribute a faster return on investment, making cobots the next big thing in the automation sector.

Current market scenario:

Cobots developed by Realtime Robotics offer integrated technology that allows them to adjust themselves according to environmental changes. This system includes various obstacles as well as variation in the position of those objects that are expected to pick up and drop off at the desired location.

Apart from this, this new technology can get rid of the need for precise positioning and, in turn, enables manufacturers to combine productivity with safety. According to the company, these cobots are able to search open, safe paths to continue their work, which increases sensitivity to detect obstacles. These cobots can work together individually without colliding with each other.

Cobots and Industry 4.0:

The importance of automation in Industry 4.0 is imperative, which has made cobots the most appealing innovation in today’s world. Furthermore, cobots would be the backbone of modern production as they can communicate all necessary information to IT systems in real-time. Currently, no other system in the production sector is capable of fulfilling such roles. Given the rapid launches of new innovation every day, the next-generation cobots are expected to have improved safety and enhanced operability.

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