How Video Surveillance System Has Proven to Be Highly Beneficial to Business Organizations

  • 10 Dec 2021 14:30
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How Video Surveillance System Has Proven to Be Highly Beneficial to Business Organizations

For many years, installing analog video surveillance has been the typical way to strengthen the inexorable security measures across several industry verticals. But with the high-end development of technology and some supporting software making their place in the scenario, the use of digital video surveillance systems has experienced a significant leap.

An upgraded surveillance system, as it is, this avant-garde setup tends to capture videos and images that can be compacted, cached, and forwarded over various communication networks. Right from government enterprises to several healthcare, educational, and financial institutions, the importance of video surveillance systems is being felt almost in every organization. Every institution, irrespective of its size and stature, needs a certain pitch of security & monitoring measures. And, there cannot be a better alternative than a digital video surveillance system.

Unlike analog solutions, digital video surveillance structures are optimized for use. Most of the analog systems happen to take recourse to tape recorders to collect video footage. This, in turn, dwindles the number of videos that can be accumulated. This way, the ease of accessibility of the footage also gets hampered. Digital video surveillance systems, on the other hand, tend to store all the important footage in digital video recorders that come with huge storage space.

At the same time, not every case of annoyance, nuisance, pestering, and harassment gets reported. Here, video surveillance systems appear as nothing but a boon, as they provide irrefutable proof of events. Also, based on the quality and up-gradation of the system, the audio recordings can be stored and used for apposite purposes. If there is any issue, the management can instantly review the footage to get an impartial look at what happened.

Video surveillance system enables remote monitoring as well. With a good quality digital video system, one can monitor the detailed activities on their surveillance feeds from practically anywhere in the world. All one needs to have is a sound Internet system.

Kastle Systems has recently come up with a remote video platform namely KastleSafeVideo to embattle security while also abridging the operating costs. This top-end technology, braced by several charters in AI-based video surveillance, has been perfectly utilized in KastleSafeVideo, which offers clients sapid and powerful video analytics services to reinforce security without expanding the line of the staff. This new launch is exclusively meant to secure offices and properties remotely.

Once a surveillance system is installed, the organization is taking a step ahead to safeguard its business. And, with this security comes peace of mind too. When employees can work freely without being least worried about unwanted intrusions, the management can also lower their stress level to a considerable extent while emphasizing other important tasks that call for much attention.

According to research firm AMR, the global video surveillance market is anticipated to manifest a significant CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Especially, the advantages of an IP camera CCTV system over analog systems have increased its demand in more than one way.

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