Innovations in 3D Cameras to Make Sophisticated Vision Systems Possible

  • 02 Jan 2022 17:05
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Innovations in 3D Cameras to Make Sophisticated Vision Systems Possible

Innovation has taken the center stage as manufacturers have been introducing different products equipped with advanced technologies and techniques. The innovations in the 3D camera have led to the development of devices that can be utilized in a variety of applications such as biomedical, robotics, automation, and others. Different designs and materials have been used for the development of cameras with advanced capabilities. From enhancing accuracy to capturing 3D images from two cameras, new technologies have made strides to give better images than before.

Research and development activities are ongoing in different universities along with manufacturing activities by different market players. As technologies advance and new devices arrive, the applications would grow across different sectors. The global 3D Camera market is expected to reach $11.13 billion by 2024. Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

Industry players have been making strides with their innovative approach and began manufacturing devices with advanced technologies. One of the leading camera manufacturers Basler began the serial production of its second generation of 3D cameras. The camera will be equipped with a Sony DepthSense sensor technology along with VCSEL laser diodes that offer high efficiency. It is developed based on the time-of-flight method, due to which, it can be utilized in a variety of 3D applications in robotics, logistics, automation, and medicine.

This camera is capable of detecting obstacles and determining the position, location, and volume of objects that are within a measuring range of 10 meters. The combination of Sony’s Time-of-Flight IMX556PLR sensor and Current Assisted Photonic Demodulator (CAPD) pixel structure offers the ability to carry out optical measurements with high precision and accuracy. Its characteristics made it suitable for mounting on robotics arms and integration into automated systems.

The trend of innovation continues with innovative materials being used in manufacturing an advanced 3D camera. A team of researchers at the University of Michigan produced a 3D camera from transparent graphene photodetectors. It can detect and capture objects located at a different distance from the lens of a camera. Its transparent sensors are manufactured from graphene and have been utilized to capture images of objects that are at different distances.

Researchers fabricated photodetector on transparent glass substrate instead of silicon chips. Graphene will be utilized as a light-sensing layer, gate layer, and conducting channel layer. The utilization of graphene in the design enables sensitive light detection and transparency of nearly 95%. This camera is expected to find its applications in the areas of biomedical, robotics, and driverless cars.

The application of innovative 3D cameras finds its application in the industrial sector and carries out functions in a rapid manner. Ensenso launched the 3D stereo industrial camera system, which is capable of imitating human vision for accurate and faster functioning of inspection cells. The system is equipped with two 2D Imaging Development Systems (IDS) cameras that can view the scene from different angles. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology processes the data in a way the human brain works.

IDS explained that special matching algorithms are used to compare images from two coordinated cameras, search for points, and visualize different point displacements. It is utilized to calculate depth information for the point cloud. With the help of coordinated cameras, the human-like vision system can be introduced in the industrial sector. Advancements in cloud computing and AI along with access to the lower price point of cameras and sensors made the development of sophisticated vision systems possible. The promising future awaits for 3D cameras. New technologies would arrive in the coming years and will make unimaginable things possible.

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