Innovative Wireless Chargers to Shoot Up Multiple Prospects in the Industry

  • 22 Dec 2021 11:35
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Innovative Wireless Chargers to Shoot Up Multiple Prospects in the Industry

As mobile devices have become a necessity for this era, a continuous requirement of charging cords has become a requirement too. However, the affair of handling cords and cables has turned out to be nothing but a complete hassle. 

The advent of wireless charging has come out to be a godsend to tackle such situations. Wireless charging eliminates the use of cables along with eradicating the necessity of constant plug-in and unplug-in. Also referred to as inductive charging, wireless charging is becoming a more convenient way to power up mobile devices. The technology uses the electromagnetic field as an alternative to the cord in order to transfer the power between the charging stations to the device. Wireless charging, in many ways, offers numerous advantages. For instance, it completely eradicates the need to purchase extra cords. Also, it reduces the wear and tear of the device’s USB port.

This new trend of charging is increasingly getting popular. On the other hand, these solutions have come out as reliable and efficient solutions. Owing to which the consumer demand for wireless chargers is increasing. Furthermore, the key industry players are focusing on more advancements and enhanced efficiency. The companies are following various strategies to expand market growth and striding ahead with innovative product launches. Moreover, the industry is fostering with a number of activities.

Recent happenings in the industry-

The launch of new products is the latest trend in the market. The players are ensuring the availability of innovative launches to meet the demand of their customers. Samsung, the leading tech giant, has recently launched its wireless charger trio. The wireless charger is able to charge up to three devices in one go. Furthermore, the wireless charging trio supports Qi wireless charging standard thereby charging any device that supports the same charging standard, making it a versatile charger.

Following the same trend, another leading market player, Xiaomi, has recently launched a 55W wireless charger stand. Furthermore, the Mi 55W wireless charging stand has a dual-color design along with a LED indication on the switch. In addition, the wireless charger supports almost all varieties of smartphones that support wireless charging. 

Wireless chargers have increased the handiness of charging devices. Imagine charging your phone simply by placing it on a table. The possibilities associated with wireless charging technology is infinite. And therefore, its adoption is steadily growing. According to a published report, the global wireless charging market is anticipated to garner $49.30 billion by 2027.

Wireless charging is becoming a reliable, convenient, and secured way of charging mobile devices without any hassle of cords. This is the major factor in driving demand growth. For a fact, it has come out as an effective and cost-efficient process over traditional charging systems. Moreover, the factor that it upholds a continuous transfer of power ensuring all types of devices to be charged and readily available for use, drives the growth of the market. 

Since the market players in the industry are initiating to develop novel and innovative solutions to fulfill customer demands, the market is getting flourished with numerous opportunities. Nevertheless, further technological advancements and surge in investment by the players are anticipated to usher a number of prospects for the industry in the near future.

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