Novel Leakage Detectors to Advance Energy and Water Treatment Plants

  • 15 Dec 2021 13:40
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Novel Leakage Detectors to Advance Energy and Water Treatment Plants

The consequences of leakages can prove to be severe, as liquid and gaseous leaks may result in fires, explosions, and ecological contamination. These calamities could cause harm not only to the public but also can destroy the company’s infrastructure as well as the environment. The production and supply management of these products is getting expanded all across the world. And, therefore, the requirement for leak detection technology is surging as well.

The companies are focusing on improving the detection schemes to secure the well sites and production facilities, storage tanks, and pipelines from disastrous leak events. The advent of leak detectors and sensors with advanced technologies have improved leak detection and assisted the firms to another level. A leak detector is basically an electronic device that is used to sense and detect the leakage of oil and gas. These devices are mostly used in factories, commercial centers, and homes to detect leakage and inform the users regarding the alarming situation to eliminate the hazardous condition. The detectors furthermore generate a signal to take action accordingly.

In today’s world, leak detectors are installed with a sound alarm in the industries to vacate the area in case of leakage. Moreover, the demand for leakage detectors is growing owing to the invasion of new chemical facilities and water treatment plants. On the other hand, the key market players as well are investing in new projects based on leakage detectors. The market players are taking strategic steps and coming up with new launches in order to offer enhanced services to the end-users. Following are some of the latest launches in the market-

Advanced sensor for accurate leakage detection-

Recently, a multinational sensor service provider SICK has launched a multifunctional thermal flow meter sensor. The sensor is useful for improving energy management by detecting three parameters at once that are gas flow, temperature, and process pressure. Moreover, the sensor is cost-efficient and offers reliable information regarding the detection of leakages. These lightweight sensors would also be ideal for installation in tight spaces.

Newly advanced smart meter leakage detection solution for water treatment plants-

In the relay of new product launches, another leading smart meter solution provider Kamstrup has unvieled its latest solution. An acoustic leak detection solution with flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic residential water meter, leakage detector software, and supporting facilities. The new leak detector developed in association with water utilities is advanced enough to hear leaks with its leak detector software that monitors noise patterns. Moreover, the technology aids in detecting leakages precisely on both service connections as well as distribution systems.

The companies are increasing in investment in off-shore energy resources. In addition, the focus on the implementation of proper leak detection in the industries in order to avoid disasters and accidents is leading the market towards exponential growth. On the other hand, the surge in demand from the oil and gas industry is booming the market. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global leak detector market is anticipated to grow significantly. Moreover, the stringent government safety regulations and surge in technological advancements would encourage market growth, in the near future.

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