Smart Headphones To Offer More Personalization With Touch of Luxury

  • 04 Jan 2022 10:25
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Smart Headphones To Offer More Personalization With Touch of Luxury

Advancements in headphones beyond audio quality seems a dead end. When you move toward a more premium end of the headphones market, you would witness limitless opportunities in the market. The headphones industry revolves around improving user experience. In pursuit of that companies introduced the concept of smart headphones.

Smart headphones much more than the primary function of listening to music, including heart rate and fitness tracking, contextual location-based suggestions, voice-controlled personal assistants, and gesture & touch-based control. The advent of smart headphones is just one more step toward living like Tony Stark and talking to your JARVIS during your daily chores.

According to AMR, the global market of smart headphone is worth $21.80 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 20.2% from 2018 to 2025. The increasing penetration of infotainment devices and surge in need of mobility services are the prime factors that boost the growth of the global smart headphone market. The products launched by Montblanc and Mindset are the obvious consequences.

Smart headphones to improve concentration and experience luxury

A startup, Mindset has launched a smart headphone that helps improve concentration in all-natural ways. The product monitors your focus throughout the day and alerts if your concentration drops and helps you train your mind to deal with distractions. Mindset uses the technology used for people suffering from ADHD and trains NASA astronauts. Mindset is a wireless headphone that comes with AUX cable, noise cancellation, and offers premium sound. It has seamlessly integrated EEG sensors that track your concentration levels in real-time.

On the other hand, Montblanc, a German manufacturing company of luxury goods recently launched their first, high-end smart headphone for a whopping $595. Montblanc’s smart headphone is designed for luxury and long flights. Its ear pads are covered with sheep leather and cups are wrapped in silicone and have a glossy aluminum frame. Apart from the look, it offers quick control buttons such as pause/play on the silicone shell of the right ear cup and another toggle button to activate noise cancellations. Moreover, it has another button for Google Assistant along with a volume rocker. The smart headphone gained attention due to its proximity sensor that automatically pauses or stops the music.

What’s the probable future of smart headphones?

Given the increasing popularity of voice assistants, it is safe to say that the future of personal smart headphones lies with voice assistant integration. Moreover, customers would demand headphones that support augmented audio experience without hampering real-world communications. In the future, headphones would offer integrated advanced micro-drivers and acoustic designs for users to precisely channel sounds into ears.

The smart devices industry is often inspired by the science-fiction world. From Babble fish in-ear to Tony Stark’s assistant, smart headphones and hearable manufactures are focused to manufacture devices based on out-of-the-box concepts. Thus, saying that the future of smart headphones is with artificial intelligence to offer personalized audio experience, will not be an exaggeration.

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