Why Are Tech Giants Adopting Fingerprint Sensors Technology?

  • 04 Dec 2021 10:25
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Why Are Tech Giants Adopting Fingerprint Sensors Technology?

The technology has been progressing at a rapid pace and it is no surprise that there will be the integration of innovative fingerprint sensors in devices. From payment cards to smartphones, fingerprint sensors would change the ways these devices have been operating. Market players have adopted strategies such as partnership for the development of reliable, secure, and cost-effective fingerprint sensing technology for deployment in contactless payment cards.

In addition, tech giants have undertaken the task of developing multiple-point fingerprint recognition for offering an enhanced level of security for smartphones. The demand for fingerprint sensors has been at its peak with its security features. According to the report published, the global fingerprint sensor market is expected to grow considerably over the next few years.

Following are some of the activities taking place across the globe:

The partnership is one of the crucial strategies adopted by market players for combining specialties and developing better products. Fingerprint Cards and Infineon joined hands for the development of fingerprint technology for enabling contactless payments. Biometric payment cards would be developed and deployed for a mass audience. There will be an integration of FPC’s sensor modules with Infineon’s 40 nm security controllers that offer high-performance and energy efficiency.

Bjoern Scharfen, the Head of the Payment and Transport Ticketing products at Infineon, outlined that making payments without giving the card is one of the biggest steps for user experience, hygiene, and data security. By partnering with FPC, the company aims to offer biometric payment cards from niche market to mass market. The combination of biometric technology with Infineon’s expertise in chip security and contactless performance will lead to a system solution that can be integrated easily and provide a head start to customers. With this partnership, both companies aim to develop cost-effective and scalable solutions that enable card manufacturers to install biometrics for contactless payment cards.

Few Upcoming Future Technologies:

As technology progresses, smartphone manufacturers and tech giants have brought innovative solutions to smartphones. One of those solutions involves multiple-point fingerprint recognition. Tech giants such as Tianma Microelectronics developed multiple-point fingerprint recognition for unlocking smartphones from multiple points. The company utilized in-house technology, in which, an image processing component is embedded in a TFT display substrate. This offers display, touch, and fingerprint sensing simultaneously.

In addition, optical path design has been used for reducing the thickness of the module by nearly half in comparison to other fingerprint solutions. Till now, the under-display fingerprint sensing has been limited to OLED panels due to their thinness. However, the company launched this solution for LCD screens.

Along with Tianma, a tech giant and smartphone manufacturer developed its technology for fingerprint sensors that equips the entire screen. Huawei filed a patent for the technology that allows users to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock their phones. The striking feature of this technology is security. Users can set the fingerprint recognition on any area of the screen. This prevents non-authenticated users from unlocking the device. Moreover, users can place it on top of the apps’ icons for preventing the opening of apps without authentication. According to the company, assigning a specific area to the sensor enables users to save battery as well. Once the patent is passed, the company will integrate this technology into its different products.

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