Why Smartwatch Technology Gaining Utmost Traction?

  • 21 Dec 2021 14:50
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Why Smartwatch Technology Gaining Utmost Traction?

In the effort to make devices smaller and smarter, smartwatches show tremendous potential. Smartwatch technology does a lot more than just telling time. In fact, if you ask people what would they love to see in the next-generation smartwatches, they would imagine hologram and mood sensors embedded in their watches, just like any futuristic science-fiction movie.

Currently, smartwatches can somewhat if not entirely replace smartphones. You can share music collections and photos with others, connect with your friends at a swipe of a finger, monitor your heartbeat, and even notify the nearest hospital in case of emergency.

The tech giants such as Apple and Samsung have still dominated the market. However, companies such as Fitbit, Oppo, and TicWatch are now regarded as strong competitors. As per the latest research conducted, the global smartwatch market is expected to reach $96.31 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 19.6% from 2020 to 2027. What’s promising about this market is that every market player has invested a colossal amount of money to make its product even better than its predecessor, especially with size, performance, and battery life.

What would be the future of smartwatches?

Even though the current technology has offered more than we asked for, the market demands something new and unique from the market players. What’s more, if we follow the market trends carefully, you can foresee some of the upcoming trends.

For instance, the next-generation smartwatches are more likely to have microLED displays. Moreover, the leading company in computer processing chips, Qualcomm has entered the smartwatch market and has promised to offer better battery life and improved fitness support. Qualcomm has always focused on getting smartwatches smaller than ever, which offers the company a competitive advantage. Apart from Qualcomm, Google has promised to improve the battery life of its WearOS smartwatches along with enhancing display, CPU, and network traffic features.

Product Development and Launches:

Continuous health monitoring is now expected for smartwatches. Currently, Fitbit is a dominating force in the market in offering health tracking of the user. In addition, the company has now launched a new feature that tracks the health of female users and said that the smartwatch is useful for manually monitoring periods, mood swings, and even alerting users regarding the stage of the menstrual cycle. Along with this, Fitbit aims to collect data of its users and analyze their sleep patterns, stress level as well.

There is no doubt that the future of smartwatches lies in the adoption of new features and there will be a time when holograms be a part of it. However, what people demand from any smart device is the security and privacy of their data. Smartwatches now include features of contactless payments and GPS tracking. Thus, there is a dire need for the safety of their confidential data. The threat of cyber-attacks is real in today’s time and age and if smart devices are not secure enough to battle cybercriminals, the market players would face some tough challenges to gain customers’ trust.

While the design for smartwatches gets sportier and features offered in them are user-friendlier, in the future, we would witness smartwatches that offer additional features such as music player support, contactless payments, and onscreen notification of connected Internet to Things devices.

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